Application in Milking Machine Smart Control System


The Milking Machine is applied tovita energy best reviews milking and subsequent cleaning work, including four modes: blowing, pre-milking cleaning, milking, and post-milking cleaning. The process are completed by the cooperation of the pump and the valve. 

In addition to completing the action requirements, the system can monitor and record the system’s operating status in real time, including time, temperature, PH value, and vacuum. The system collects production information, enhances the process, and alarms when the system is abnormal.

2.Process Requirements 

Each mode works according to the set mode, running time and liquid level signal, such as vacuum pump, milk pump, alkali pump, acid pump, disinfection pump, cold water valve, water suction valve, drain valve, blow valve, surge valve and surge cycle. It collects data of water temperature, PH value, vacuum degree during system operation for data recording, and records alarm according to the limit.


The control system consists of WECON HMI LEVI700LK, PLC LX3V-1616MR、LX3V-2PT、LX3V-2AD-BD. 

4.Brief Introduction of the programs

HMI programs:

1、Main screen

Used for setting mode, start and stop, monitor the real-time data, acid and alkali status, and alarms. 

2、Working instruction

The current working status and running process are displayed in real time through the dynamic graph.

3、Data Record

It records the equipment start time, end time, working temperature, working mode, alarm position, PH value and vacuum degree.

PLC programs

1.Data record.

Record the water temperature of each node after washing, and clean mode. 

2.Vacuum value calculation

The vacuum value is detected by LX3V-2AD-BD,it is obtained by setting the sensor range conversion on the touch screen.



Through this system, the production efficiency is greatly improved. Moreover, with the data record function, it is convenient to find the problem and solve it in time when the error occurs.

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