Application of Multi-function Board Filter Folding Machine using WECON HMI and PLC

The board filter folding machine is one kind of the automobile filter equipment which is mainly used in samll cars. And This type of filter is a plate type, not a cylindrical type.
In this system, the filter paper can be processed on the paper folding including automatic dot counting, glue injection cutting, folding processing and preheating and setting.

Process requirements
1. The equipment is mainly divided into two parts: folding and glue injection cutting. The receiving roller servo, glue injection servo A, glue servo B, conveyor belt(controlled by stepper motor), 3 servos and 1 stepper motor need to be controlled separately.
2. Origami accuracy requires continuous production of 1000m long paper at a speed of 80m/min without pleating.
3. Two servo axes, glue injection servo A and glue injection servo B, are separately controlled, and each axis can set the movement track of 5 segments.

The control system adopts the LEVI102ML hmi and the PLC  LX3VE-1616MT4H.
1. The PLC has 4 high-speed pulse outputs, each pulse output is up to 200Khz, which can realize independent control of 3 servos and 1 step.
2. The origami part adopts the LX3VE pulse generator command. The paper feeding and creasing axis is controlled by a variable frequency motor. The external 1000 line AB phase encoder is used as the main shaft. The receiving dial wheel servo acts as the slave shaft and the main shaft takes a pleat. 
3. The injection molding part uses the segmentation table function of LX3VE, the same paper feed and indentation axis are used as the main axis, and the injection cutting servo is used as the slave axis.
The customer can set the line movement of up to 5 segments, and realize the processing of the glue injection track through multiple movements.

 Brief introduction
HMI project

Injection setting interface

PLC project
Manual pulse generator(DEGEAR):

E- cam segmentation table function:
Injection A-axis

 Injection B-axis

1. This system is developed on the basis of the LX3VE series 4-axis PLC. It integrates the functions of indentation, paper feeding, glue injection, cutting, pleating, conveyor belt, humidification drying, pleating and punching. Rich, flexible, and simple to operate.

2. Folding: by using the DEGEAR command of LX3VE . The corresponding electronic gear ratio calculation is done in the program, and the customer only needs to set the pleat height of the product, and the operation is simple.

3, injection: by using e-cam segmentation table function, line action can be increased up to hundreds to meet the processing of complex products.

Product Pictures

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