Automatic edge sealing machine

I.Brief introduction

Edge sealing operation is an important process in the process of furniture manufacturing, the quality of the edge has a direct impact on product quality, price and grade. The choice of the edge material includes PVC, polyester, melamine and wood, different processes for different material. There are mainly two kinds of edge sealing machine used by the furniture manufacturers, one is manual straight curve edge banding machine and the other one is automatic straight edge machine. The latter one is a more efficient and popular device, which generally have adhesive, sealing, cutting, homogeneous, coarse fine edge repair, scraping, polishing and other functions.

II.The process requirements

Process: Feeding → Transport → Uniform head →Roughening → Refine → Side Slotting → Slotting → Blowing → Polishing → Finishing

Requirement:The PLC communicates with the four frequency converter over RS485, and controls the feeding, transportation, uniform head, and rough repairrespectively.

III. Program

The control system is mainly consisted of HMI LEVI700LK, and PLC LX3V-48MR.

The general automatic linear edge banding machine is composed of pasting and pressing device, front and back edge sealing device, upper and lower trimming device, tracking trimming device, scraping device and polishing device, some of which are equipped with edge milling cutter,sand edge of the sanding head and heating devices.Start debugging from the feed side;operate in accordance with the order, until the end side.

IV. The program advantages

1. PLC can communicate with multiple INVRs at the same time, the communication efficiency is high.

2.Instead of manual edge sealing, achieve continuous production, improve work efficiency.

3.By using various type continuous sealing machine, the plate side is quickly sealed up. It not only accelerates the edge curing, improve the production efficiency, but also ensure the quality of the edge. The adhesive layer is thin and uniformand the plate can be shipped to the next step without delay.

Process flow chart

Plate feeding     band feeding & band cutting   uniform head protection    uniform head &uniform tail    roughing   refine    side slotting slotting   polishing   Alarm/stop 

Trigging the feeding switch and execute the feeding program

Condition is not met, the device stops

Trigging the uniform switch and execute the uniform program

Trigging the switch and run the moto

Trigging the switch and run the refine moto

Trigging the slotting switch and execute the slotting program

Trigging the polishing switch and execute the slotting program 

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