Automatic Medical Cleaning System

The medical automatic cleaning machine relies on high-pressure jet spray and 90°C hot water to completely disinfect and rinse the medical tools. It is currently the main equipment to replace manual cleaning.

Process requirements:
1. Display Operation: display measured temperature, running time, adjust parameters, etc. Easy to operate the device.
2. Manual Operation: support manual test of each output point action and function detection.
3. Fault Reminder: When the device is faulty, it can be displayed visually, prompting the user to repair the corresponding fault.
4. Alarm Record: Record the alarm information of the device.

Model Selection: PI8070, LX3V-1616MT-A, LX3V-2PT-BD.
1. Select PI8070 to realize equipment operation, data adjustment and monitoring, support remote monitoring and operation.
2. Select LX3V-1616MT-A, LX3V-2PT-BD, to achieve action control, read water temperature, air temperature, control heating and so on.
3. Use the HMI to record fault information and fault indication.
Advantages: The PI8070 touch screen is intuitive, responsive, and easy to operate and high in processing speed. The PLC program is easy to write, the expansion modules type are rich, the temperature reading is convenient, the temperature control is good, and high precision.

Brief introduction to the program:

HMI Screen
1. Main operation screen: display current water temperature and air temperature, status, select operation mode, etc.

2. Manual Screen: Mainly used for testing and equipment maintenance.

3. Parameter Screen: This screen mainly shows the heating temperature and running time of each stage during the equipment cleaning process.

4. Alarm Record Screen: This screen mainly records the alarm information of the device.

5. Manufacturer Parameter Screen: This screen is mainly used to modify the internal parameters of the device.
PLC Program
Reading Temperature


Project Summary
1. The HMI has a rich library to achieve a beautiful operation picture.
2. The PLC receives the PT100 signal, and the reading temperature is accurate and convenient.
3. The sequence action instructions are simple and practical, and the process flow is quickly realized.

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