Automatic Rotary Riveting Machine

1 Introduction
The rubber box automatic rotary riveting machine is used to assemble the rubber box, which can be automatically loaded, reclaimed and riveted, and is widely used in the packaging machine industry.

2. Process Requirements
2.1 Fully automatic mode. There are four stations in the machine, each station can complete their own actions. When the machine fails, the station can be suspended and operated separately, and continues working after the fault solved.
 2.2 It distinguishes the position of the tank so that the square copper is correctly installed on the tank.

3. Solutions
The control system uses WECON HMI LEVI-2070D, PLC LX3V-3624MR, LX3V-16EX. Each station can be operated separately.

4. Introduction of programs
HMI programs:
Automatic screens:Monitor the current system’s operating status and select the working mode.

Single station screen:This screen can operate the action of each station individually.

Part programs of PLC:

5. Summary
5. 1  The system focuses on logic control, which enables a pause function when the machine fails, and each station can operate independently.
5. 2  The position of the tank should be adjusted according to the sensor information so that the square copper is properly installed.h

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