Clutch bearings testing machine

Application Description:

  • In the era of fast and innovative motion technology, we are using WECON PLCs and HMIs since the five years. 
  • Our in-house infrastructure to develop machines for automotive industries is based on various core products like PLCs, CNC, HMIs etc.
  • The clutch bearings testing machines are used to test the width and height of bearings and differentiate according to different class.
  • WECON PLC is used to run various servo motors for high-speed applications and HMI for operator’s easy interface with machine.
  • It uses to test the lifecycle of various types of bearings.
  • It measures various parameters like chamber temperature, bearing temperature, bearing temperature v/s RPM of bearings, Applied load at different RPM, etc.
  • WECON HMIs are used for displaying the trend graphs, history records and some on-off operations.



  • Economical products
  • Rich Graphics
  • Easy programming interface
  • Compact sizes
  • High durability
  • Good help document
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