Coating system

I .Introduction

The system contains every link what would be needed for coating work, its worked in tight coupling with highly efficiency.

II.Technological Requirement

After start, the fan, lift, vibrating screen, electrostatic power supply, suction powder solenoid valve, recovery pulse valve and powder room pulse valve will working step by step.


This kind of control system mainly use Wecon HMI LEVI-102LK, PLC LX3V-2416MT and 16EYT

IV.Program brief introduction

HMI Design

1.Home Screen
Used to display the current location and real-time frequency of the lift.

2.Manual manipulation
Each link can be stopped separately.

3.Parameter setting

PLC programming
1.The 12 recovery pulse valves are launched on a single cycle.
With changing the address, deal with batch data of the touch screen into the floating point.

2.Input the filtering setting

V.System pictures


This system is stable and efficient, which replacing the original handwork or semiautomatic, improved the production efficiency greatly.

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