Control System of Paper Corner Protector Machine

I. Brief Introduction

Paper corner protector is one of the most popular production to package in the world, used to replace the wood material packaging and other heavy packaging. What’s more, it’s cheaper, lighter, more solid and environmental friendly.

Paper corner protector were made by the bobbin paper and craft paper which shaped and repressed by paper corner protector machine. Both sides are vertical, smooth and no glitch, which used for goods to strengthen the holding power at edge of package and protect the products with better packaging strength.

Today, the global trend of low-carbon environmental protection has been stirred up, and the low-carbon concept has also been proposed in the packaging field, which mainly includes lightweight packaging and green packaging products. The core value of low-carbon packaging is replace wood by paper. The paper corner protector is a new green materials, because it can be 100% recycle while woods can not.

II. Process requirement  

The machine can follow the recipe to notch and cut, and it can keep continuous paper, no top knife, smoothing the acceleration and deceleration of equipment and reducing vibration under the condition that the molding section keeps running.

Equipment can run by notch mode and cut mode, which means that it can notch at anywhere and cut at anywhere according to different requirements, and they won’t interfere each other. 

After testing, its accuracy error will be ±2mm at the speed of 30 meters/minute. When the cutting length is 100 mm, the speed can reach 40 meters/minutes and its accuracy error is ±1.5mm.

III. Scheme

This system mainly consists of Wecon hmi (PI 3102) and PLC (LX3VE-1616MT4H).  

1.Wecon 3VE series PLC were built-in the E-CAM function, support up to four-axis flying cuts, using the automatic generated flying cut curve to ensure the position synchronization of the punching axis, cutting axis and forming section. And it could smooth the start and stop process of punching axis and cutting axis.                                   

2.By changing the curvature transformation of the flying cut curve, could change the position and the cutting length of the paper corner dynamically.

3.The e-CAM instruction supports multiple motion curves, the PLC scan cycle will not interfere them, and each curve does not interfere with other curves.  

4.The PLC’s built-in E-CAM function includes flying cut, rotary cut, S-curve, K2 curve and custom cam curve. The E-CAM instruction is very user friendly, and the structure of the curve generation program is not complex.

IV. Program Introduction

Main screen

Parameter setting

PLC program

Cutting Axis

Notching Axis

Curve part

V. Conclusion

1.The system has high flexibility to process cardboard with different cardboard length, different cutter length and different cutting length. 

2.The LX3VE series PLC have built-in E-CAM function which is user friendly and flexible, reducing the application threshold. Various curves are set, generated, and spliced flexibly and it support automatic optimization curve as well. The E-CAM instruction does not affect by the PLC scan cycle.

3. LX3VE-1616MT4H can support 4 channels (up to 200k separately) high speed pulse output, it can work well with most servo drivers. The system has some advantages of less vibration, less servo temperature rise, which lead to the greater mechanical life. The products produced by machines which uses this system has smoother edge, no burrs, better appearance and better quality.

VI. Pictures

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