New retail – box horse fresh

Case overview

Location: Malaysia
warehouse AGV warehouse area: 3000 square meters
robot: Suzaku M60 * 6
workstations: 2
shelves number: 598
cargo specifications: multi-storey shelf
warehouse AGV operation type: motorcycle parts logisticsCase introduction

Yamaha Motor is Yamaha’s subsidiary in Malaysia. In 1955, it was founded by the successful launch of YA-1 motorcycle. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has always been committed to new technology innovation and constantly expanding new business needs, creating unique The products provide customers with new service value. The company’s core areas of expertise include motorcycle powertrain technology, as well as chassis/hull technology, electronic control and manufacturing related to vehicle and vessel performance. For more than 50 years, the Group has been committed to creating a diverse value service system for its global customers through a diverse portfolio of businesses, products and technologies.

With the rapid development of electric vehicles and digital technology, and the subsequent reorganization of traditional automotive systems and technology frameworks, the Yamaha automotive business is also at a critical moment of change. Such a company with technological innovation as its core competitiveness, in the face of the current intelligent trend of the times, intelligent logistics, smart warehousing and other popular new logistics technologies, has naturally become the focus of Yamaha.

In June 2019, Yamaha cooperated with the overseas team of Kuocang Company to implement the on-line robot intelligent picking system. The main project scope includes motorcycle spare parts 2B, 2C order-to-goods picking and offline workstation replenishment, inventory management and other operations. The entire robot storage area has become a smart no-man’s area, and the warehouse operation has changed from the traditional ‘people arrival’ to the ‘goods to people’ model, allowing Yamaha, a technology-innovative ‘technical control’ company, in the spare parts logistics center. It has also successfully deployed the most advanced intelligent logistics equipment. It is also far ahead of its peers in terms of intelligent warehousing and new logistics technology. It is in line with the company’s strategic positioning of innovative technology as its core competitiveness, further enhancing the company’s brand value!

Customer’s pain point

Long working path, large amount of work, high labor intensity, low per capita efficiency, high temperature in summer, unsuitable for personnel operation, advocating technological innovation, pure manual operation mode of logistics center, intelligent automatic transformation, using the latest logistics equipment and technology

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