Order Picking Solutions

Automated Order Picking Solutions

Do More with Less

Kardex Remstar automated order picking systems are the perfect solution to improve productivity, reduce costly picking errors and maximize inventory control in your picking operation while recouping valuable floor space in your warehouse or distribution center.  

Vertical Lift ModulesVertical Carousels, and Horizontal Carousels combined with Power Pick Global inventory management software and Pick to Light technology can:

  • increase order picking productivity by up to 400% 
  • save up to 85% warehouse floor space
  • improve picking accuracy rates up to 99.9% 
  • drastically reduce ergonomic and safety issues

Our order picking systems are designed to be modular, fully customizable, and can be integrated in stages into any workflow, regardless of its current level of automation.

Applications / Goods – Examples for Picking Solutions

Order Picking with a Picking Cart

Order Picking with a Conveyor

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