Particle packing machine

I.Brief introduction

Particle packing machine is used in industrial and agricultural production packaging, such as chemical fertilizer, pesticides, veterinary drugs, premix, additives, washing powder, salt, MSG, sugar, seeds, rice, food, hardware and other granular materials.The whole packing process is controlled by PLC, which is automatically completed with the characteristics of high weighing speed, high weighing precision, labor saving, simple operation and easy formaintenance.

II.The process requirements

1. Packing speed 5-40 bag / min (depending on the state of materials, and the number of measurement range);

2.Measurement accuracy is from ±0.5% to ±2% (depending on the state of the material);

3.Packaging weight rangesfrom 10 to 50000g;

4. Multiple buckets work separately and feed alternately;

5. Automatic weighing, automatic bagging, automatic sewing package, no manual operation;

III. Program

The system uses a LX3V-4AD analog module to control vibration motor, two LX3V-2WT weighing modules to collect the weight data in real time.CPU uses the LX3V system with 26 point PLC to carry on the logic control.

There are two options to weigh, one is the time method, set the feed time according to the flow of every millisecond, thenthe weighing module willcollect the data and calculatethe error, and calibrate the error next time. The speed of this method is fast, but the precision is lower.The other method is real-time weighing that is divided into fast, medium and slow mode, each time the weight is the same, the error is small, with high precision,but packaging speed is decreased.

IV. The program advantages

1.Automatically correct vibration;

2.Automatically adjust the drop value;

3.Automatic multi-speed control, high feeding speed, high precision (500g±1~2g);

4.Four-way, packaging speed of 40 bags / minute (500 grams);

5.Electronic scales can also be linked with the packaging machine to achieve weighing, packaging integration;

6. Auto zero function;

7. “Single bucket cycle once” function;

8. Weighing module comes with filtering function, it can avoid the error caused by mechanical vibration;

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