Large belt type transfer robot S04B-DQB12NN-S21



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Large belt type transfer robot

Core functions

Movement mode: double wheel differential, support in-situ rotation, unequal code spacing, curved turn, U-turn
navigation mode: inertial navigation + visual navigation
power supply mode: self-charging, lithium battery
control mode: support automatic, manual, remote control Operation
communication mode: WIFI or LTE communication
load mode: belt pulley, customizable drum disk
human-computer interaction: button + sound and light + remote control
security protection: radar + emergency stop

Application scenario

Courier parcel sorting, production line butt material handling

Matching package

It is suitable for parcels with a length and width of 800*700mm, a height of 15mm or more, and a package of 40KG or less; or two packages of 400*400*400 or less and 20kg or less.

Code spacing

Code spacing 1360*1360mm

Performance parameter
Basic parameters size 974*792*840mm
Rotation diameter 1260mm
Self weight 210kg
specified load 40kg
Moving speed No-load speed <2m/s
Full load speed <2m/s
Navigation accuracy positioning accuracy ±10mm
Stop accuracy ±5mm
Stop angle accuracy ±1°
Battery parameter type of battery Ternary lithium
battery capacity 48V/26Ah
Rated life 8h
Charging time 2h
Battery Life Fully filled 500 times
Pass performance Ditching ability <5mm
Overcapacity <5mm
Over-slope ability <3%
Environmental parameters Operating temperature -5-45°C
noise <75dB

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