Wecon LCM-4TC Analog Input PLC Module



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Wecon LCM-4TC Analog Input PLC Module

Wecon 4 channel thermocouple module, supports RS485 Modbus communication.

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Item Centigrade Fahrenheit
Both °C and °F readings are available by reading the appropriate buffer memory area.
Analog input signal Thermocouple: Type K or J (either can be used for each channel), 4 channels.
Rated temperature range Type K -100°C to 1200°C Type K -148°F to +2192°F
Type J -100°C to 600°C Type J -148°F to +1112°F
Digital output Type K -1000 to 12000 Type K -1480 to 21920
Type J -1000 to 6000 Type J -1480 to 11120
12-bit conversion ,save as complement of 2 in 16 bits
Resolution Type K 0.4°C Type K 0.72°F
Type J 0.3°C Type J 0.54°F
Overall accuracy ±5% full scale + 1°C

Freezing point of pure water 0°C / 32°F

Conversion speed (240ms ± 2%) × 4 channels (unused channels are not converted)

Note: Grounded thermocouples are not suitable for this module.

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