Stretch Film Fewinding and Cutting Fewinding Machine

Brief introduction

This is machine made for individual production. The machine is suitable for the production of two products. On the one hand can stretch film rewind (jumbo roll to hand roll and normal mechanical roll). Suitable PVC stretch film and aluminium foil rewinding. Contains a cutting section, which is suitable cut out for example (ear, hole, perforation).Now will be used roll to roll perforating box blanket foil.


Self-designed (only half ready, problem part not ordered china (long time ago it would be here). Hmi pictures i made Autodesk Fusion 360 software rendering 1900x1200pix and Levi studio, PLC programing made Wecon Plc Editor.


For now it’s not a big complicated plc programing. But will be expanded full automatic machine and programing.(automatic spool change and roll change).Machine use it now 6 in and 5 output. X0,X1 encoder AB phase, X2 limit switch cutting station, X3 rear roll holder pneumatic switch, x4 front rewinder pneumatic switch,x5  starting switch(two hand safety switch). Hmi  stretch rewind start button,cutting and rewind start button only merker starter. (starting rewind/rewind cutting two hand button). Y3 Cutting station 220v pneumatic out, Y5=X3 ,Y10=X4 ,Y12 =rear roller  pneu. break(no switch),  24v pneumatic out, Y11 motor start.

Why Wecon Plc

I have been 3 years looked first at Then  i download hmi and plc software, even then

liked it that free software. I like that knowledge and price ratio. At present have liyan plc two vacuum forming machine.Not bad but not good liyan plc.Now it was possibility two new machine implementation, from this one rewinding machine and another plastic bag making machine (roll to roll apple, potato,carrot automatic charger machine). I did not really look for other plc and hmi as wecon plc.  So I looked and searched again wecon plc. There i contacted Grechine Zeng and then contact with She at skype. I really like buy china all machine parts.  Two vacuumforming machine and many other part buy in china.  But it is so kind contact person as Gechine yet i did not meet. 🙂 If i do not want to buy anything i would buy it from her. She can respond very quickly to everything and very like it plc forum, and she spoke  me activity.   I hope a coolant magnet is worth it me write. 

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