The Application of Wecon HMI&PLC In systems of Automatic injection molding machine


Injection molding machine is  also known as injection machine. It is the main forming equipment for plastic products which are made of thermoplastic or thermosetting material by plastic molding.

The equipment mixes three kinds of chemical liquid in accordance with the proportion of ingredients in the reactor, and then the mixed liquid is injected into the mold (such as filling material in the car seat). When the mixed liquid meets the air, it begins to harden, which has strict requirements on the sealing performance of the equipment.

II. process requirements

1. By controlling the opening time of feeding motor, so that three kinds of liquid get into the reactor according to the logic of program, which replaces the traditional manual operations( valve opening and closing, control the liquid ratio);

2.The injection time of each station is executed in sequence;

3.Change the frequency of inverter through MODBUS-RTU communication;

4.Display the current speed of the three feed pumps respectively;

5.Some operation buttons are operated on the HMI, reducing external button costs;

6.Need to design automatic cleaning process to facilitate manual operation;

III. Solution

Injection device mainly consists of PLCLX3v-1616mt ,WECON HMI LEVI700LK, inverter, feeding motor, cylinder, solenoid valves, proximity switches, sealed pipes and other components. Through the HMI parameter settingand the PLC stable output to accurately control the motor and open/close of electronic valve.

IV. advantages

1.Communicating with three frequency inverter by MODBUS-RTU, which reduces the cost of using analog hardware;

2.The device is highly automatic and can permanently save the parameters which ensure product quality and consistency when compared to manual operation;

3.Using WECON LEVI 700LK HMI makes it easier to set parameterswhich are convenient for operator to operate and quickly put into production;

4.By monitoring the screen of HMI to be aware of the states of various electrical components;

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