The Application of Wecon HMI&PLC In systems of automatic sawing machine

I.Brief introduction

The automatic saw machine is also called the four side saw. It is special equipment for trimming or cutting the plates in the woodworking machinery industry. The device has the advantages of simple operation, high work efficiency, high precision, and can be used for removing dust and the like, it make the board orderly and smooth. The device solves the problems of low efficiency, low accuracy and cumbersome operation.

II.The process requirements

The device is composed of two saws in the vertical and horizontal direction, and the transfer section is controlled by two servos. The equipment will automatically return to zero position each time, when the plate is placed in the longitudinal plate area, click to run, clamp the clamp hand, then a series of action start in sequence. When the end of the plate passes through the longitudinal saw at a set speed, then accelerate the feed speed and slow down and stop in the position. After triggering cross-saw to move, cross-saw will complete the corresponding actions and return to zero position respectively and automatically at high speed. Then the single processing is finished, and repeat.

III. Program

This control system mainly uses the HMI LEVI-102L, the PLC LX3v-2416MR and the servo system.

The brief scheme is as follows:the function of manual operation, automatic operation monitoring, running time parameter setting and servo parameter setting can be carried out by HMI. The operation of each cylinder valve and the motor can be easily detected by manual operation, which is convenient for maintenance and debugging. Operation monitoring can be convenient to observe the running state and running position in real time. Users adjust the logical sequence of the action by setting time parameters, and adjust the speed and accuracy of operation by setting the frequency and pulse of servo.

IV. The program advantages

1. Using the servo system and PLC control system instead of the traditional inverter control (absolute coordinates, absolute encoder, maximum yield), reducing the number of sensor and proximity switch;

2.With memory function (remember the location of the plate), put an end to the phenomenon of bad plate caused by the error of the sensor and proximity switch,and the tedious replacement of the sensor and proximity switch that is often damaged;

3.With servo motor traction, two axis linkage, fast speed, large output, the arbitrarily set of program, only need two people to operate, greatly reducing the labor cost;

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