The Application of WECON in Automatic Winding Machine


The Automatic winding machine fits different kinds of cables, the Mini-USB cables, Power cables, especially for Cable factories. The machine is small, work table is set at workers’ convenience, this develops working efficiency. The Automatic winding machine use WECON PLC and HMI to control. Can set different modes, when power on it, workers only need to operate one time then the machine can run all the time without other operating. When the machine is error, the alarm will show where is the error, we can find it correctly and timely.

2. Machine Operating

This system constituted with one servo and 5 stepper motors. The whole system includes Taking cables, Winding and Feeding the whole assemble control. High precise position moving control, Taking material keep worker safer.

3. Solution

The solution is to use the PI8070N HMI, LX3V-1412MT-A PLC, LX3V-16EY expansion module and moving control module LX3V-4PG.

The PLC communicate with Stepper Motors, and make the high precision moving control. The PI8070 HMI support remote control function, with the WECON Smart APP, customers can control the machine remotely.

4.Operating Screens

1、Operating screens: it displays operating states of the machine, and display some testing functions.

2、Setting screen:Set the working position and operating parameters.

3、Testing screen:

5. Program of PLC:

4pg expansion module: by simple setting of position and speed, make the moving control accurate.

6. Conclusion

1、 The Winding machine reduce workers’ working pressure, develops production efficiency,and save the wind belt.

2、Workers only need to put the cable on the wind table, and push the power-on to wind cable automatically.

3、Can adjust the length of cable, and set the turns of cable.

4、 Use HMI and PLC to control and display the parameters, ca be operated easily.

5. The machine support AC and DC power cables, USB cable, video cable, HDMI, etc, can wind and pack the.


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