USB Soldering Machine Application


USB soldering machine is mainly used for welding HDMI wire, USB wire, MIN 5PIN wire and MICRO 5PIN wire. It consists of vibrating disc, wire drawing, peeling, cutting, soldering and other working mechanisms. 

It has the characteristics of fast speed and high precision. It uses high-power constant temperature welding platform, which has fast heating speed and stable soldering effect, and can completely replace soldering workers.

II、Working principle 

This system uses a stepper motor to precisely locate and control wire drawing, stripping and soldering. The program uses modular control to make every action run accurately. It is easy for people to operate and has high controllability.


HMI : Wecon LEVI700ML,Wecon PLC: LX3V-1616MT-A

This system is controlled by PLC and touch screen. In the system, manual and automatic mode switching can be selected, which makes debugging more convenient, accurate and stable.


Operating screen: Display the current operation status, as well as the current number of solder and function selection.

Setting screen:The operation time of multiple cylinders can be set to achieve the highest efficiency of operation control.

Manual screen:Test the action of each cylinder separately to know if it is normal.


It knows which position has material by SFTL instruction, which can avoid idle processing and reduce mechanical loss. In addition, it can achieve switching of various operating states through interlocking buttons.


The main difficulty of the project lies in how to control the choice of each different action, as well as the completion flag of each action. 


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