Warehouse & Distribution

Picking, Packing & Shipping Made Easy

Today’s warehouse and distribution centers are faced with a higher number of orders with lower SKU counts – a direct result of customers demanding smaller, more frequent deliveries. Warehouse and distribution centers are struggling to meet demand while maintaining profit margins – a challenge that can only be met with added speed and accuracy. 

Fast and Precise Order Fulfillment

Our innovative material handling solutions can be implemented in warehouse and distribution facilities to speed order picking, improve pick accuracy and save floor space. Order picking, consolidation or returns handling: our systems provide maximum inventory transparency and accessibility with lower storage and transport costs, getting orders filled and out the door.

Our Solutions

Whether you need to speed order fulfillment, implement an order consolidation step, save space or intelligently manage the fulfillment process: our solutions can help.

Order Picking – it’s critical to get the right parts at the right time to the manufacturing cell, otherwise production stops. Prevent this bottleneck with an updated order picking process.
Order Consolidation – matching orders up before shipping can be a challenge, but could save you shipping fees. Take advantage of this cost savings with a space efficient, ASRS order consolidation system.
Returns Handling – Returns are inevitable, a solid returns strategy will save you countless headaches in the future. Don’t let returns pile up in the aisle, it’s wasted inventory & money!
Automated Material Handling – our products can be combined with a variety of picking technologies (conveyor, voice, inserters/extractors, robotics) to create a completely automated solution.

Controlled Environments – all of our products can be fitted for dry, clean and clima environments. 

Quick and Accurate with Kardex Remstar Products: 
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