Wecon HMI and PLC applicated in the Slotting headquarter(Crosscutting) system of Carton Printing machine

I .Introduction

Carton printing machine is a equipment what can print the desired text, patterns and other information’s on the surface of the carton. The technological process including page make-up, inking, embossing and paper feeding. Carton printing including single printing, printing with slotting / die cutting, stickers and linkage production lines. This kind of system controls the slotted portion of the press only, and designed for slotting on long cardboard.

II.Technological Requirement

Slotting any length of the cardboard at two sides, the length of the two head can be set arbitrarily.
When the cardboard was being slotted, it is necessary to ensure that the groove axis and the feed axis speed are synchronized.
The start and stop of the grooved shaft requires a smooth transition.
Two modes: two cut or full cut (slot and feed axis are running at the same speed).


The control system uses Wecon LEVI700LK t and PLC LX3VE-1212MT.
1.LX3VE series PLC have the electronic cam function, using the flying cut of electronic cam can ensure the feed axis and speed of the slot the same time, and also can complete a smooth transition slot start and stop.
2. Changed through the starting point of the flying cut can slot cardboard at both sides.
3.Using the electronic gear instructions of dimensional control 3VE series plc, you can ensure that the slot and the speed of feed axis working at absolute synchronization.

IV.Program brief introduction

HMI Programming

Home Screen

Parameter setting

Part of PLC programming

Start the calculate in the first time

Start the calculate in the second time

Full-cut(electronic gear)


1. the system will not be affected by the length of cardboard, cutter length, incision length, it can be set processing arbitrarily by yourself.
2.relying on Wecon LX3VE series PLC electronic cam and electronic gear command, what can make the paper feed shaft and slotted line speed synchronization, thus ensuring the high quality cardboard incision.
3.The start ways of Wecon PLC electronic cam function are flexible and diverse, this system uses a non-periodic cam external start mode, will not be impact of electronic cam operation, and it can adjustment in real-time according to measured error.

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